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"This collection is about the feel. What you immediately see and get - cozy, luxurious, upscale style all exquisitely handmade one piece at a time." - Wendy Bellissimo

A Natural Collaboration

A design alchemy in which Erin's visionary dreams meet Wendy's meticulous details, creating cozy foundations for your space.

Come Home to The Coast

A seamless blend of California style and East Coast sensibilities in every intricate stitch, made to bring you home.

Luxurious Handmade Rugs meet Southern Californian Style

Introducing a collaboration that weaves together artistry, passion, and purpose. Erin Talgo and Wendy Bellissimo have joined creative forces to craft a rug collection that transcends the ordinary. Rooted in a shared love for timeless design and a commitment to sustainability, these rugs embody the Californian spirit, blending approachable comfort with refined elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and soulful vibes of California, this collection is an ode to a life well-lived. Every rug is meticulously hand-knotted in Morocco using 100% lamb's wool, ensuring not just exquisite beauty but a "small-batch" artisanal legacy. Select a piece that will grace your space for generations and live as a testament to the talented craftswomen who created it and to the seamless fusion of Erin and Wendy's unique design philosophies.

"These are not just elegant and detailed, but personal and enduring, pieces that feel like home and tell a unique story." - Erin Talgo