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An exquisite blend of vivid blue, rich purple, and lush green yarns adorns the Hourglass rug, showcasing two symmetrical designs on either side. This medium-pile rug is meticulously crafted from our ultra-plush, proprietary blend of 100% lambswool, boasting both a flatweave knot and a high hand knot for a truly luxurious feel. 

Each of our bespoke rugs is crafted entirely by hand, so there will always be slight variations in pattern, color, and size (up to 10 cm / 4" variation) due to the organic and artisan nature of our materials and weaving process. We have strict quality control processes in place and photograph all of our rugs in natural light to provide the most accurate representation of each color and rug.

If you need a custom size that is not listed up to 20x20 ft., please email us at We will provide you with a custom quote within 24-48 hours.

All of our rugs are custom order. Lead times vary depending upon size. You will be emailed your ETA.

4x6: 6-8 weeks

5x8: 6-8 weeks

6x9: 6-8 weeks

8x10: 9-11 weeks

9x12: 11-14 weeks

10x14: 11-14 weeks

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Hourglass Sale price$1,679.00